Hi, I'm Solveig. I'm passionate about creating and sharing art inspired by the elemental and emotional connections of place, and encouraging my community to do what they love. My work embodies the combining of geography, nature, and art. For over 20 years I have cultivated my painting technique and harnessed my creative energy, and as a painter, I highlight the feelings and relationships between ourselves and the surroundings that are sacred to us. As a child brought up in a home that constantly changed from place to place all over the United States, I sought meaning and spirit in the places I called home. Nature and action influenced by place continue to inspire me and often find their way into my paintings. My painting is my meditation, my way to stay sane, and to express myself to others and live my truth to the world. I paint by feeling, and intuitively move my brush to capture the essence of a place, plant, person, or animal that is my subject. Currently, I live in Portland, OR, where I'm bringing the warm, tropical, Californian vibe to the NW! You can find my work @stustustudiopdx. 



2017 Artist Showcase: Original Artwork by Local Artist Solveig Noll, Anthropologie | Portland, OR
2017 Bossladies PopUp Shop | Seattle, WA
2017 Artist Showcase: Plants As People, Alberta Studios | Portland, OR
2016 Art Instructor, Sawdust Art Festival | Laguna Beach, California
2016  Five Plein Air Paintings Donated to the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden | Claremont, California
2015 Beyond Coastal Boundaries Series Displayed at Leroy's Kitchen & Lounge | Coronado, California
2014 Published in Envision Magazine | Eugene, Oregon
photo by @celina_stilphen

photo by @celina_stilphen


Please send all email inquiries regarding commissions or collaborations to sandandpalette@gmail.com.